• DAY 1: If your tattoo has been wrapped with cling wrap, remove it two to three hours after being tattooed, and wash your tattoo in clean, warm water, using mild soap. Rinse and lightly pat dry, removing excess water.


  • Once dried, apply a thin layer of tattoo balm. We recommend using Dr Pickles aftercare cream, but do not overuse. Allow skin to still breathe. Apply a light layer of balm and re-wrap. Change wrapping again after another two to three hours. Follow this process once more before bed, and sleep with it wrapped overnight. Recommended wrapping time is 12 - 24 hours.


  • When you feel the skin is drying out, apply the cream and massage in well with clean hands. Repeat as necessary to keep your tattoo only very lightly moisturised, generally three times a day for the next three weeks.


  • If your tattoo is wrapped with second skin tattoo film, you may notice some seepage under the film, and your tattoo might look a bit smudged. This is just plasma and excess ink between the film and your skin. Do not do anything to remove it, as this excess fluid will aid in your skins recovery. (proceed to Day 5)


  • Day 5: Peel off the second skin, wash the tattoo with soap and water. Let it dry and apply a thin layer of tattoo balm, such as Dr. Pickles 2 to 3 times a day for the next 3 weeks. (Make sure your tattoo is always clean). Do not pick, scratch or rub, or wear tight or dirty clothing over your new tattoo, as this will slow healing time and may lead to secondary infections.


  • Note: If the second skin comes off before 5 days, it's totally fine. Peel it off and start the aftercare process. If your artist used cling wrap, remove it 3 hours after it was applied on the tattoo and start with the aftercare process.


  • Allergies: If you notice irritation or redness occurring around your tattoo, remove the second skin and start with the aftercare process.


  • Infections: If you notice redness, puss, inflammation or warmth around your tattoo, don't stress, just give us a call...


  • Avoid: Swimming/hot baths - soaking a new tattoo in any form of water will degrade the newly formed scab, prolonging healing time. Also avoid spray tans, direct and continual sun exposure for two weeks. Avoid contact with dirty surfaces.


  • We recommend and stock DR PICKLES aftercare cream in both our studios. 100% organic, and all natural ingredients, designed to perfectly heal your tattoo. Multiple sizes to choose from, and vegan options. Available for purchase in our studios.


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